Introduction: Hello World!

Hello world! This is the first post at The Serviette. I am well aware that in 2016, if you start a blog, it had better be unique. So, this is a blog I've never seen before: a space dedicated to encouraging people to make intentional, cross-cultural hospitality a regular part of their lives. 


The Serviette exists to provide ideas for opening our doors to people who think differently than we do, through stories from people who are doing or have done exactly that. Whether those "different" people are Muslims, Hindus, refugees, atheists, members of the LGBT community....or even just someone of a different age or status, The Serviette wants to explore what it looks like to serve them through hospitality. The Bible provides a robust theology of hospitality, and in church history there is a strong tradition of hospitality, but we could probably all use help knowing what being hospitable can look like in today's pluralistic West.

The Serviette exists to encourage people of every culture to open their doors and engage the world in purposeful conversations.

For all of us, serving close friends is easier than inviting in someone who seems very different than us. I want you to picture your most intimidating possible guest in your mind. For me it might be our tattooed European neighbour who is friendly but informed us upon first meeting that he hates religion and has nothing to do with the church. For you it might be inviting over the Syrian family that moved into your neighbourhood or having coffee with a Buddhist coworker. I hope through your readings here, you'll be encouraged to open your doors and engage the people in your world in purposeful, valuable conversations—conversations that can change lives and bring hope. Hello world!